I enjoy studying for the AFC® because so many topics hit close to home. My reading is constantly distracted because I am looking over my bank account and credit card statements to make sure my debt is under control. My favorite tool so far from the text is the credit utilization ratio. It indicates if I am nearing serious debt or not with my credit card. Fortunately my debt is under control based on the table in the book.

The information I am learning is so applicable and beneficial to real life issues which makes it that much easier to absorb the information. I encourage others to pursue the AFC designation because you not only learn about your own financial situation, but you can also help others to get on track with their finances.

It is so exciting to me that I can make sense of my finances and do the same for others. The material is easy to learn because the jargon is broken down to everyday language and shows the steps involved in the math, and the concept behind the numbers.

Overall, I would rather know the truth of where I stand with my finances than to avoid knowing. Avoidance is actually a symptom of carrying on too much debt, as the textbook explains. Like so many things in life, the imagination tends to blow an issue out of proportion. When the math is done, it really isn’t as bad as it seemed.

Wouldn’t you want to know your own financial truth rather than fearing it?

Nadia Marquez, Master of Science Student in Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University 
AFC® University program student

April 18, 2014

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