While we all come from different backgrounds and varying life experiences, we share an unwavering commitment to helping others achieve lasting financial wellbeing. At AFCPE, we love seeing AFC candidates whose passion shines through the work that they do, and who inspire others in creative and innovative ways!

After watching a recent TEDx Talk from AFC® candidate, Michael Thomas, Jr., we were inspired to reach out and learn more about his journey.
AFCPE: What inspired you to enter this field? 
Michael: I firmly believe that financial counseling can be utilized to strengthen families and build stronger communities. Beyond that, I am inspired by having the opportunity to bring something of real value to marginalized and underserved communities. 
AFCPE: Why did you pursue the AFC®? 
Michael: I sought the AFC designation because the vision of AFCPE, which is to create “A future where all people – regardless of income or background – are empowered to achieve lasting financial well-being through the highest standards of financial counseling, coaching and education.”, aligns with my personal beliefs and values. The AFC designation represents a level of practice and care that should be commonplace within the financial services industry.
AFCPE: What impact are you hoping to make? 
Michael: It is my hope to establish the type of rapport with a community that allows me the opportunity to serve individuals and families within that community over the course of their life cycle. Encouraging trust and demonstrating the value of the AFC mark is the impact I would like to make. 

AFCPE: If you could offer new AFC candidate’s one piece of advice, what would it be?
Michael: I would encourage new AFC candidates NOT to place a cap on who they think they can serve. Financial counseling can benefit someone who makes six figures just as much as someone who is on public assistance. There is a significant and immediate need for our services! 

June 07, 2017

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