Join the Government Relations Task Force

The Task Force will: 

  • Create a Member Advocacy toolkit. 
  • Increase exposure to legislation or regulation of a consumer finance nature through Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and other listservs. 
  • Build closer relationships with key partners like FTC, CFPB, AARP etc. 
  • Participate in 2023 AFCPE symposium with an Advocacy Best Practices breakout session
  • Explore an “AFCPE on the Hill” day for 2023

This Task Force meets every other month on Thursdays from 4 PM – 5:30 PM If you are not available at this time, and will still like to be involved, please let us know below.

Completing this form confirms that you have watched the AFCPE Task Force Orientation Video, and/or read the Task Force Manual, and understand the time commitment, guidelines, and expectations of Task Force Members.

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