Join the 2022 Research to Practice Task Force

The Task Force will assist with: 

  • Writing regular Research to Practice articles – Task Force members take turns contributing articles to AFCPE’s blog and newsletter (“Aha Moment” articles and Research Briefs).
  • Developing a grant proposal – One of AFCPE’s goals is to create a Strategic Impact Fund sponsored grant opportunity that supports ongoing collaborations between researchers and practitioners. In 2022, this task force will explore what this looks like, and put together a proposal for future implementation.
  • Developing a Student Internship Program – Create an internship program to better support the organizations ongoing research to practice efforts, while also providing opportunities for students pursuing financial counseling, planning, and education.

This Task Force meets monthly, on the second Friday of the month at 2pm eastern. If you are not available at this time, and will still like to be involved, please let us know below.

Completing this form confirms that you have watched the AFCPE Task Force Orientation Video, and/or read the Task Force Manual, and understand the time commitment, guidelines, and expectations of Task Force Members.

Applications for 2022 are now closed.


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