Join the Symposium Task Force

AFCPE is seeking dedicated individuals to join our Symposium Task Force. The Symposium Task Force plays a crucial role in recommending Symposium speakers, reviewing proposal submissions, suggesting potential sponsors and exhibitors, development of the Proceedings, and assisting with logistics as needed virtually and/or onsite during the annual Symposium. As a member of this task force, you will actively contribute to the planning, coordination, and execution of our annual AFCPE Research and Training Symposium. 

Key Outcomes 

  • Ensure the Invitation to Present submission and selection process for breakout sessions is fair, equitable, and efficient, achieving a diverse program. 
  • Increased attendance of Symposium – in person and virtually of more than 950 attendees. 
  • Symposium event conducted successfully. 

Key Responsibilities  

  • Task Force Meetings: Attend monthly task force meetings to discuss progress, share insights, and collaborate with other members. 
  • Event Ideas and Trends: Share innovative event ideas and/or trends.  
  • Speaker Suggestions: Share keynote recommendations relevant to current topics and industry trends.  
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor Recommendations: Connect the AFCPE Partner Relations team with any sponsors and/or exhibitors where a relationship with AFCPE could be mutually beneficial. 
  • Review Submissions: Work collaboratively to review the proposals as they are submitted (May and June) for any identifying information to ensure each can be reviewed anonymously. 
  • Session Selection: Select taskforce individuals will be invited to attend 1-2 Session Selection meetings in mid-July/early August to select breakout sessions. Participants will review the top scoring submissions and collaboratively select presentations. 
  • Promote Symposium Engagement: Sharing AFCPE social posts with personal networks. To include the Invitation to Present opportunity, attending Symposium, and other information as requested on proper social channels. (i.e., AFCPE Member Exchange, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) 
  • Onsite Symposium Support: Assist with virtual and/or onsite tasks as needed, leading up to and in person, during the Symposium. 

Volunteer Criteria: 

  • AFCPE membership required. 
  • Passion for planning and programing within the association’s industry. 
  • Familiarity with the association’s values. 
  • Has attended at least one AFCPE Symposium, in person or virtually. 
  • Experience with or comfortable with conducting outreach. 
  • Able to attend all monthly Task Force meetings (time TBD). 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team and contribute to discussions. 
  • Able to attend the 2024 AFCPE Symposium in person in Columbus, OH (preferred).  

Applications may close early based on volume. Not all who apply will be selected. 

Volunteer Benefits:  

  • Opportunity to make a positive impact on the association and its members. 
  • Networking opportunities within the association’s leadership and fellow task force members. 
  • Recognition for your contribution to the success of the Symposium. 
  • 10% off of 2024 AFCPE Symposium registration with active involvement. 

Does this sound like you? Sign up today! 

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