Join the Symposium Task Force

The Task Force will consist of two subcommittees:

Event Logistics and Support Subcommittee:


  • Meet once a month
  • Dates to be selected by incoming taskforce members


  • Collaborate on innovative event ideas and trends
  • Provide suggestions for general session speakers
  • Review submission to prepare for anonymous review (May and June)
  • On-site Symposium support as needed

Session Selection Subcommittee:


  • Meet at least weekly for February – April to update Invitation to Present and review rubric
  • Attend 1-2 session selection meetings in mid-July and/or early August


  • To accommodate the widest constituency representation, no more than 1 individual will be selected from each constituency.
  • Constituencies: academia/extension, financial institutions/fin tech, government/military, non-profit/service, research/research-to-practice, student


  • Review and update Invitation to Present
  • Update proposal review rubric
  • Select Symposium breakout sessions


If you are not available at this time, and will still like to be involved, please let us know below.

Completing this form confirms that you have watched the AFCPE Task Force Orientation Video, and/or read the Task Force Manual, and understand the time commitment, guidelines, and expectations of Task Force Members.

Sign ups for 2023 will open January 2023.

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