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From Apprehension to Purpose


April 11, 2017

Financial Literacy Month Series: I remember my “why” day vividly--even though it was over 15 years ago. Having only been a financial counselor for a year, I was apprehensive about the new role I had taken on. My biggest fear was meeting with a client and not being able to provide them with the help they needed. 

A Lifeline to Others


April 10, 2017

Financial Literacy Month Series: I want to offer a lifeline to others. This is why I am an advocate and why my future involves a career as an AFC.

Changing Lives


April 07, 2017

Financial Literacy Month Series: Not everyone can improve their personal life with knowledge and skills from their professional life, but financial educators can. This is a big perk associated with our jobs.

Providing the Tools For Success


April 06, 2017

Financial Literacy Month Series: Many Americans are not financially prepared because they have not been provided all of the tools needed for success.

On a Mission


April 05, 2017

Financial Literacy Month Series: I believe that anyone, regardless of where they are today, can achieve financial security and peace of mind...and even wealth. And I'm on a mission to prove it.

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