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There is a lot going on with AFCPE® as an organization. There are a few things I want to share with you this quarter.

This spring there was an opportunity for all staff, board members, and AFCPE® members to share their input on where AFCPE® is and where we should move forward in the future. The Strategic Planning survey contained valuable input that has an impact on the direction of our organization. I want to thank all that participated. I have spoken to many people and mentioned the Strategic Planning survey and they mentioned that they filled it out. After the survey was completed, there was a committee that compiled all the information shared by you to see what things needed to be discussed for our strategic planning collaboration. At the end of June, the staff and Board of Directors got together in Columbus to come up with the strategic plan. Your input was valuable in working through to create a plan for a stronger, more successful AFCPE®. More information will come out soon after the new strategic plan is prepared to be shared with the membership.

The Board of Directors has a few positions that are open this year. If you didn’t apply this year for one of these openings, but you think you would like to in the future, please think about how you can be involved with an AFCPE® Task Force or build on your participation in AFCPE® events to gain more experience with the organization. Your participation is valuable to help us go in a direction where AFC® and AFCPE® become a household name. One way you can still participate is to vote on the board of director nominations when they come out this fall. Every vote matters, just like every voice shared in the survey. You can also talk to someone on the board of directors from your constituency to share with them your experience.

I am just over halfway through my year as President. I am excited in the direction AFCPE® is going. I am also looking forward to seeing all who come to the Symposium in New Orleans. Fun is going to be had. I am working on some fun money inspired clothing ideas. Some of you know that I have a wardrobe full of fun money clothing and shoes, so why not add to it this year! Besides having fun with my wardrobe choices, connecting with other professionals who want to help the world know about their finances and do all they can to succeed is amazing!

There are a couple things you can do to share the #ValueoftheAFC. Do you know someone who is interested in possibly becoming an AFC®? There are webinars held each month to help them learn about a career as an AFC®. “Want to be an AFC®?” Share the information with your networks. To be an AFCPE® member you do not to need to have the AFC® designation or be on the path to AFC®. Sharing membership can help others know the importance of the work we do.

The other thing that you can do to share the value of being an AFC® is to communicate to other professionals, clients, and those you work with that the AFC® is an accredited designation. If you were to look at professional financial designations, you would see around 200. Of those 200, 10 of the designations are accredited. AFC® is one of the 10. That is a big deal folks! This is something that you can share that brings value to you as a professional. Thank you all for being part of something valuable and that upholds standards above many others.

Keep doing the great work you do! The work we do is very important. And for those candidates out there, you can pass that test and get the experience hours! We can’t wait to have you reach your career goals.

Thank you all for your participation. It means everything!!!

Andi Wrenn, MA, AFC®
President, Board of Directors

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