Don Fulton

My name is Don Fulton.  My personal pronouns are he/him/his.  I wear two hats (among others). One as a Lutheran Clergy (retired but always On Call) and one as a Financial Coach. I am on the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE) Board of Directors. In 2024 I... Read More >

Rachael DeLeon

Too often, New Year’s resolutions focus on what we want to do less of – spend less time on the cell phone, work less on weekends, eat less sugar. Don’t get me wrong, these are solid, healthy goals. And in a society that embraces more, it can feel refreshing to... Read More >

Alex Embree, M.Ed., AFC®

My first boss shared a piece of professional wisdom with me fifteen years ago, following my first conference attendance, which sticks with me to this day. As a new professional, I wasn't quite sure what was expected of a person after attending a conference, and I feared I couldn’t make... Read More >

Meghan McInnes, AFC®, FFC®, FBS®

Fall 2023 was my first semester teaching a college course, and I was very intentional with every course design decision I made, including the book selection. My goal was to find an accessible, easily readable, cost-friendly book with excellent content. After reviewing several options, I determined the “Psychology of Financial... Read More >

April Berggren-Batts

Adults feel a lot of emotions when it comes to money. Often children assimilate their feelings about money to their parents’ feelings about money. Money affects everything even if it is spoken about infrequently. As an adult, it is important to analyze how you feel about money and why. Does... Read More >


What did our 2023 Task Forces get accomplished in 2023? Let's take a look! Task forces exist to carry out the activities of the Association and are vital to its continued existence. All current AFCPE Members are encouraged to become active in task forces, and a prerequisite to serving on... Read More >

Prince Bosompim and Catherine Komen

Introduction  While undoubtedly transformative, college life comes with its share of challenges, and among the most pressing is the financial burden students face. According to Hrynowski and Marken (2023), a recent survey reveals that 66% and 51% of college students report experiencing stress and worry, respectively, mainly due to their personal... Read More >