Too often, New Year’s resolutions focus on what we want to do less of – spend less time on the cell phone, work less on weekends, eat less sugar. Don’t get me wrong, these are solid, healthy goals.

And in a society that embraces more, it can feel refreshing to do less.

But this year, I want to intentionally focus on more. Both in my life and for AFCPE.

Personally, I want to move more. Laugh more. Read more. Listen more.

For AFCPE, more means:

  • Helping more candidates become AFC® professionals,
  • Introducing more individuals and organizations to the incredible value and impact that AFCPE programs and resources provide, and
  • Encouraging more people to engage with our diverse membership community – to learn, to share, and to grow.

As we enter 2024, we are guided by a new strategic plan that allows us to be more intentional in our path to achieving our mission and our vision.

We Certify. We Educate. We Connect. We Impact. We Build for the Future.

Now, more than ever, individuals and families – from all socio-economic backgrounds and lived experiences – need high-quality financial professionals they can trust. They need a financial service industry that is accessible, equitable, and interconnected to meet their needs. They need the value of an AFC.

As you think about your own “more” in 2024, do so with intentionality. More doesn’t mean doing it all. It means being more intentional – aligning your goals and your values.

If you hold the AFC designation, below are three easy steps you can take to help us reach our “more”.

  • Add the AFC® after your name in your email signature.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile: Make sure the AFC is listed after your name, and under Certifications and Licenses.
  • If you have a website or professional bio, be sure you include the AFC here as well. It’s a great way to tell clients or colleagues what sets you apart.

Then reach out to a fellow AFC and remind them to do the same. These little additions help share the value of the designation and raise awareness for the AFC. They are small steps in helping us achieve our “more.”

If you’re looking for more in 2024, here are a few ways we can support you.

More Connection.

  • Check out our events calendar and attend one of our monthly virtual gatherings.
    • February 6: The Philosophical Paradigms and Behavioral Profiles in Financial Counseling—Understanding Advisor Impact
    • February 13: 5 Sectors of Professional Connections
  • Connect with other professionals, ask a question, or share information on the Member Exchange.
  • Join an online empowerment community: BIPOC, Private Practice, or Military.

More Learning.

More Impact.

  • Support an AFC candidate by adding an opportunity to our experience portal.
  • Bring the benefits of year-round learning to your organization with membership.
  • Share your story: Fill out our storytelling form and let us amplify the work you are doing – through the media, on our blog, as a guest on our podcast, or on social media!

Tell me, how are you bringing more into your life in 2024?


Rachael DeLeon, Executive Director


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