National Endowment for Financial Education

In August 2005, the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) hosted a groundbreaking event, brining educators from a variety of disciplines together to explore how to make financial literacy programs more effective. This was the first symposium ever to combine financial educators with leaders from other fields--neuroscience, change theory, behavioral... Read More >


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Alicia Rodriguez-Flores and Sharon A. DeVaney

This study investigated the amount and sources of income of households headed by a person age 60 and older in Mexico using the 2002 Household Income and Expenditure Survey of Mexico (N = 3,672). The results suggest that Mexicans do not come from a culture of retirement planning. In households... Read More >

Sheila Mammen and Frances C. Lawrence

The Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) affords cash-strapped and credit-constrained working families the opportunity to increase their purchasing power and savings potential. Mixed methods were used on a sample of 237 rural working mothers who participated in a multi-state study. Approximately two thirds of those eligible claimed the EITC.... Read More >

Aimee D. Prawitz, E. Thomas Garman, Benoit Sorhaindo, Barbara O'Neill, Jinhee Kim, and Patricia Drentea

This article describes development of the InCharge Financial Distress/Financial Well-Being Scale, designed to measure a latent construct representing responses to one's financial state on a continuum ranging from overwhelming financial distress/lowest level of financial well-being to no financial distress/highest level of financial well-being. It describes a formative Delphi study, validity... Read More >

Cazilia Loibl, Tahira K. Hira, and Michael Rupured

Factors that explain the likelihood of completing a Chapter 13 repayment plan were identified. Using data from 489 Georgia participants who completed a 3-hour workshop, how factors differed for first-time and repeat filers were investigated. Results indicated that repeat filers were more likely than first-time filers to start an emergency... Read More >

Peter M. Basciano, James M. Grayson, and James Walton

Better financial results accrue to some borrowers when they select a 30-year mortgage coupled with a simulta-neous investment plan rather than a 15-year mortgage term and a subsequent investment plan. These results are particularly applicable in a low mortgage rate environment; however, for the vast majority of borrowers, there remains... Read More >

Albert Kinderman and William P. Jennings

A new generation of retirees will receive full Social Security retirement benefits at age 66. Those who have left the workforce have the choice of collecting benefits early. The paper considers the range of choices faced by decision-makers and offers an alternative approach to the financial planning question of when... Read More >


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Antone J. Gatherum

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Barbara O'Neill

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