Bridges enable people to get from one place to another. People go places they couldn’t go before, or previously had to find an ineffective way to get there. At Zeiders Enterprises, Inc. we have a network of financial professionals that includes AFC® credentialed professionals who help Service members go places they never imagined they could or would go with their finances. Zeiders helps Service members and their families by giving them the tools, education, and counseling to cross the bridge to financial well-being.

As a financial professional working with Zeiders, AFC® professionals get an opportunity to participate in continuing education on topics that address all areas of personal finance and then hone in on how that impacts Service member families. They learn all they can to help Service members right where they are, on one side of the bridge. Our financial professionals come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have experience serving in the military or are spouses and family members of current or former Service members, while others simply have a desire to give back to those who serve.

Our network of professionals collaborates to continuously improve the community of Zeiders professionals serving military families.  They are always striving for mindfulness of hot topics that impact consumers and Service members. Training is one way we build a bridge; training is the foundation for our bridge that takes our professionals to a higher level of expertise to help clients. Zeiders financial providers engage in professional development through Communities of Practice and more specific interactive continuing education opportunities.

We meet clients where they are. Many servicemembers enter military service out of a sense of patriotism, to serve their country, while others join in search of a stable income and great benefits. Our job is to help them learn all they can about how to make their money work and grow for them, and fully use their military benefits. Most are young and come to military life with little knowledge of personal finance. Many have never had any financial literacy education nor have they been taught how to be good consumers by the adults in their lives.

They begin crossing that bridge by learning the importance of basic money management and establishing and building an emergency savings account. Next, we help clients as they cross the bridge with building credit and debt management education and counseling.  We continue with assisting them in setting short-term financial goals such as saving for something special, becoming debt free, or improving their credit score. As we get closer to crossing the bridge, we can focus on those long-term goals such as education funding, buying a home, and retirement planning. Our financial professionals also help military families with the intricacies of comparing the current Legacy retirement system to new Blended Retirement System being implemented in 2018.

We have a community of professionals who have a passion for what they do, and who thrive on seeing the military community grow in their financial well-being. As the saying goes, “we teach them to fish” whether it is from the side of the bridge or on the bank after they’ve crossed the bridge, our ultimate goal is to foster a community of families that are well educated, intelligent consumers at all levels of personal finance.

At Zeiders Enterprises, Inc. we encourage you, as an AFC® credentialed professional, to join our team of financial professionals in helping to build the financial well-being of the military community. Find out more about openings by going to, click on “Join Us.” 

Guest Contributor: Andi Wrenn, Provider Network Manager for the Personal Financial Counselor program.

November 13, 2017

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