Episode 64:

The Need for a Revolution of Compassion with Keynote Speaker Jason Craige Harris

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In this week’s episode, we sit with Jason Craige Harris, a voice for healing and transformation who works across communities and organizations to promote dignity, belonging, and compassion. Jason is also one of our keynote speakers at the 2022 AFCPE Symposium this November.

Jason takes us through the importance of building genuine empathy with others and the need for a Revolution of Compassion. Learn more about what that looks like by tuning in, and attending Jason’s full presentation at #AFCPE2022. Register today!

Show Notes:
2:50 How Jason got into this work
7:27 When Jason knew he wanted to make change
10:34 His keynote topic and how it will relate to AFCPE professionals
15:29 Strategies for being less judgmental and more empathetic
18:24 Jason’s final 2 cents

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