Welcome to the 2021 Sponsor Spotlight series! As we prepare for #AFCPE2021, November 15-19, 2021, we are excited to introduce you to our Sponsors and the incredible people who work for these organizations. Learn more about the organizations and the people you’ll meet in the virtual Exhibit Hall this November.

With a grant from Wells Fargo, the SIFMA Foundation for Investor Education is continuing its successful efforts to expand targeted, outreach, engagement, and support for teachers to effectively serve students from Title I schools, further engaging Wells Fargo employees in skills-based volunteer activities and enhancing the Stock Market Game (SMG) experience for students, teachers, schools, and communities.

With the need for financial capability ever increasing for students across the country, the SIFMA Foundation’s programs are proven to improve student performance in mathematics and increase students’ financial capability. The Foundation offers innovative, high-tech, project-based financial education through an evidence-based program with 40 plus years of success that annually engages 600,000 4th-12th grade students in the global economy and capital markets.

The Foundation’s mission is to foster knowledge and understanding of the financial markets for individuals of all backgrounds, with a focus on underserved youth. Drawing on the involvement and expertise of educators and the financial industry, the SIFMA Foundation provides financial education programs and tools that strengthen economic opportunity across communities and increase individuals’ access to the benefits of the global marketplace. SIFMA Foundation programs prepare students for college and careers with project-based experiences researching and analyzing technical data to make informed decisions, working in teams, negotiating, cooperating, and resolving interpersonal conflict, using the Internet to advance their knowledge and expertise, and more. The Foundation’s comprehensive portfolio of programming rounds out student’ STEM learning with English language arts, civics and career exploration.

To learn more, be sure to stop by Wells Fargo’s virtual exhibit booth at #AFCPE2021

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