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Who We Are. What We Do. Why It Matters.

At the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), we champion effective financial education. We are the independent, centralizing voice providing leadership, research, and collaboration to advance financial well-being.  NEFE envisions a nation where everyone has the knowledge, confidence, and opportunity to live their best financial life.

What We Offer:

Evaluation Toolkit Use this free tool to design simple, effective evaluations that make it easy to demonstrate learning and show the value of your personal finance curriculum.

Our Initiatives:

The Personal Finance Ecosystem – We have constructed a framework that proposes to lay out the foundations that underpin an individual’s level of financial well-being, give context to the elements that comprise and influence financial well-being, and right size expectations for what educational and behavioral influences, interventions and efforts realistically can achieve.

Financial Education Policy Convenings – In January and February of 2021, NEFE partnered with the Council for Economic Education to develop a series of five financial education policy convenings aimed to provide state policymakers an open forum in which to discuss the opportunities, technicalities, and challenges they encounter when considering financial education policy and programming. Discussion summaries from each event are posted on our website.

Our Research:

NEFE funds rigorous, innovative, and actionable research that increases the financial education community’s body of knowledge; provides insight into financial behavior; and contributes to the field’s understanding of effective educational practices.  Learn more about research funding opportunities: https://www.nefe.org/research/default.aspx

Our Milestones:

  • NEFE® has achieved a significant milestone in support of financial education by surpassing $5 million in grant funding.
  • NEFE® is partnering with the Higher Education Financial Wellness Alliance (HEFWA) to transfer ownership of the nationally recognized financial education resource, CashCourse.

Check out These Great Resources:

National Survey Results – NEFE commissions polls to better understand financial realities of consumers. Discover results from a variety of topics

The Latest – Get details on all the latest happenings at NEFE, including summaries from our recent research and events, editorials from our CEO and more.

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Get to Know Jill N. Jones, PhD, NEFE’s Managing Director, Research

  • My why: As someone more fully immersed in research day-to-day, I love the cross-section of participants at AFCPE. The robust gathering of educators, counselors, and researcher leads to nuanced and more meaningful conversation. I sometimes take for granted that not everyone is fully immersed in research and am reminded of how important it is to communicate that information to diverse audiences who engage in the financial well-being and education spaces.
  • My favorite quote: A reframe of the infamous “treat others how you wish to be treated,” and instead “treat others how they wish to be treated.” I try to value the unique preferences and identities that inform individual preferences; I try to remain mindful of this since it’s easy to impose your preferences on others.
  • My hero: Teachers, collectively! Teachers who were influential on my college and career path and those who work to educate the next generation.
  • My favorite personal finance resource: Microsoft Excel! The reality is I love using Excel for most things, but for finances specifically, I use it to quantify longer-term financial decisions and trade-offs using formulas. For example, the trade-off in paying off education loans sooner versus increasing retirement savings during a specified interval of time given interest rates and expected returns. I’m sure there are calculators for this, but I enjoy the math that goes into this type of decision.
  • My best tip for attending a professional development event: Set your intentions and know when your energy stores are running low. It is valid for both electronic and in-person professional development or conferences, even if energy depletion looks different based on the mode. Suppose I feel like information overload prevents my ability to process information. In that case, I try to determine when/where I can take a meaningful break without compromising my ability to participate based on my intentions. Scheduling these breaks in advance is also beneficial.

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