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Welcome to the 2021 Sponsor Spotlight series! As we prepare for #AFCPE2021, November 15-19, 2021, we are excited to introduce you to our Sponsors and the incredible people who work for these organizations. Learn more about the organizations and the people you’ll meet in the virtual Exhibit Hall this November.

Who We Are. What We Do. Why It Matters.

The Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA) is the only trade association representing banking institutions specializing in providing banking services for military personnel, veterans, and their families around the world. AMBA has a long history of partnering with the Department of Defense for the benefit of military members and their dependents. Our recent partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs focuses on improving the financial lives of our nation’s veterans.  AMBA’s membership includes large and small national and state-chartered banks, most operating on military installations and all insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). We represent the interests of banking institutions serving the military and veteran communities and serve as a liaison with DoD, Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), Military Services, VA, Treasury, FDIC, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and its Office of Servicemember Affairs (OSA).

Our mission is to continue the close working relationship with the nation’s major banking trade associations, including the American Bankers Association and the Independent Community Bankers of America, and the federal banking regulators. AMBA sustains partnerships and relationships with many government and non-profit organizations that support military and veteran families.

AMBA member banks, who serve military and veteran families in their communities all over the world, bring exceptional financial products, services, and education to their customers. Our member banks know their customers, understand their unique military lives, and honor their military service by creating meaningful relationships and the support they need to live successful financial lives.

What We Offer:

AMBA offers digital access to the Armed Forces Financial Guide, a comprehensive financial guide specifically geared to military families, MILDOCS, a financial preparedness kit and information to organize and store financial documents and the Veterans Benefits Banking Program in partnership with the Veterans Benefits Administration.

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Meet Andia Dinesen, AFC®, Executive Vice President Communications & Operations at AMBA:

What you are most looking forward to at #AFCPE2021?
Communicating with other attendees, creating new connections, and learning about new tools and resources to add to my toolbox when I work with colleagues and my community.

  1. My why: About 11 years ago I was volunteering with the Airman & Family Readiness Center, I had two young children, and an active-duty spouse who spent much of his time training or deployed. I wanted to find ways to give back to my military community. I was approached by an A&FRC staff member who mentioned a Military Spouse Fellowship to me. The fellowship was for financial counseling. I wasn’t sure it was right for me, but I had a background in Psychology, so I thought it sounded promising. The more I researched the opportunity, the more I realized this could be a great way to gain knowledge for myself and my family and have a directed approach to serving other military families. Still to this day, I am proud of the work I do to support and inform military and veteran families in personal finance, and I am still very thankful to Pat for opening my eyes to the FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship which helped me earn my AFC®!
  2. My favorite quote: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  3. My hero: Ted Lasso
  4. My favorite personal finance resource: Vertex Excel Spreadsheets! Seriously, they are so helpful and can help get anyone moving on their own personal finance path without biased information.
  5. My best tip for attending a professional development event: Try not to sit with people you already know.

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