One day, while walking through the military exchange (I was on active duty at the time), a young private walked up to me with an immense look of tension on his face. He said, “Ma’am, can you please help me?” I responded saying, “Sure, what can I do?” He said to me, “I am so afraid, because I have never written a check before, will you help me?”

There, in that moment, I became inspired to help others understand and manage their finances. Of course, I did more than help him write the check. I spent time with him until we were both comfortable that he understood not only how to write a check, but how checks work.

That’s how it all began. Today, I have since retired, and I am now pursuing my Accredited Financial Counselor®(AFC®) certification, so I can officially continue to serve Veterans and others seeking to live in a financially peaceful way.

Carletha Windom, AFC® Candidate

April 17, 2017

#MyWhy Series

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