Episode 53: Key Takeaways from CFPB’s Financial Coaching Initiative with Pam Fraser, AFC® and Sarah Bainton Kahn

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Celebrating 30 years of the AFC® means celebrating the incredible impact it has made over the years! This week we had the pleasure to speak with Sarah Bainton Kahn and Pam Fraser, two women who played instrumental roles in the success of the CFPB’s Financial Coaching Initiative, which ran from 2015 to 2019. The initiative provided financial coaching services to veterans as well as individuals and families in economically vulnerable communities and uniquely set a high standard by requiring that all coaches held both the Accredited Financial Counselor® (AFC®) and the Financial Fitness Coach (FFC®) designations.

In our conversation, Sarah and Pam fondly reminisce about the program – sharing the missteps, the successes, and the impact. They talk about the importance of meeting clients where they are, building relationships, and finding your champions. This episode is full of great insight and we hope it will inspire more programs like this one in the years to come.  

Show Notes:
2:13 How this initiative with CFPB came to be
4:55 How this program served the community
7:41 Key aspects of the program that made it successful
16:59 Learning takeaways and improvements for the program
22:04 Advice for organizations looking to use this model
25:18 Pam and Sara’s final two cents

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CFPB Report: Read Here
CFPB Homepage
FFC Certification
AFC certification
Guide to Remote Financial Coaching 

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