My why, the reason I love to do this work, is because of the relief that it brings to people. Money can be a really scary subject. There was a recent study that showed that 30% of Americans can’t sleep at night because they were worrying about their finances. When people come to see me, I help them identify exactly where they are financially. Once they can see that clearly down on a piece of paper, then there is an “Ahh, now I know exactly where I am.” Once they are there, then they can figure out where it is that they want to be and then I can help them put together a plan to get there. A combination of all of those things can really bring a tremendous relaxation for the individual, or within the relationship if it’s a couple. That is what I really love about this work.

Linda Matthew, AFC®, Money Mindful Personal Finance Coaching

April 21, 2017

#MyWhy Series

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