Episode 89:

Recognizing the Value of Cultural Competency with Lazetta Braxton

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Lazetta Braxton, MBA, CFP® is on a mission to create wealth for the common good. She believes in fighting for voices that have not been heard, and has built her career around making room for underserved and overlooked populations. 

In this episode, we get to know Lazetta – her family history and her career path, and she shares a preview of the conversation we’ll be having as part of her keynote presentation at this year’s Symposium. We talk about the importance of cultural competency, understanding the experiences and backgrounds of our clients, and the importance of building capacity directly within underserved communities. Words of wisdom: Be courageous as you are carefully doing the work.

Show Notes:

2:00 How Lazetta got started in financial planning
4:02 More into her exploratory and entrepreneurial path
8:46 Moving around and balancing her career
12:31 Expanding access to more equitable opportunities
15:52 What to expect from her keynote
19:13 Lazetta’s final 2 cents

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