Episode 81:

Expanding Your Impact: Volunteering in the Nonprofit Space with Kimberly Henne

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Kimberly Henne is a board member and financial wellness coach for a local nonprofit, Ways for Life, an organization that works with youth aged 15 – 25 who are touched by foster care or homelessness. 

In this episode we learn more about Kimberly’s personal journey with the foster care system – she adopted both of her children out of foster care – as well as some of the unique challenges facing foster youth. We also discuss the opportunity for AFC professionals to marry their skills and passions to serve local nonprofit organizations that have a critical need for high-quality financial counseling and education.

Show Notes:
2:17 How Kimberly discovered the AFC and the military spouse fellowship
3:41 Her transition from the military to the Red Cross
5:04 Into foster care and adopting her children
6:15 Financial counseling in the foster care system
6:57 How she got involved with volunteering
9:16 What are the needs of youth in the foster care system?
12:27 Aging out of the foster care system
 and how to help
14:11 Tracking outcomes and effects of education
15:35 How her experience benefit her in the military community
16:29 Advice for other AFC professionals breaking into the nonprofit
17:29 Kimberly’s 2 cents

Show Note Links:
Ways for Life
Kimberly’s LinkedIn
Post a volunteer opportunity for AFC candidates

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