Episode 74:

Keeping Personal Finance Personal with America Saves’ Kia McCallister-Young, AFC®

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Our guest this week is Kia McCallister-Young, AFC, Director of America Saves. With a background in marketing and communications, Kia knows how to create a compelling message that moves people to action. And it’s a skill she uses often in her work at America Saves.

Today Kia shares some of these tips and strategies, and gets us up-to-speed on all the America Saves campaigns (including this month’s Military Saves Week, America Saves at Work, America Saves for Young Workers, and launching this month – Veterans Saves!) 

America Saves provides relatable, down-to-earth personal finance strategies that are easy to implement and make sense for your life – and Kia is as relatable as they come. It’s an open, authentic episode you don’t want to miss.

Show Notes:
1:34 What is America Saves?
2:47 How campaigns help leverage personal values
4:58 How Kia made it to her position today
6:43 What is Military Saves?
8:37 How to become more involved
11:15 Into the Workplace Savers program
13:33 How the AFC® has helped Kia’s work
16:19 Growing your social media presence
18:08 Kia’s final 2 cents

Show Note Links:
America Saves
Military Saves
America Saves at Work
America Saves for Young Worker

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