Episode 87:

The Art of Storytelling and Story Listening with Dr. Preston Cherry

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Dr. Preston Cherry, AFC®, CFP®, CFT-1 is the Founder & President of Concurrent Financial Planning, the Head of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Financial Planning Program, and also a keynote speaker at this year’s AFCPE Symposium. Preston is passionate about the ways that storytelling and listening can help us better connect with clients, advance human lives, and inspire transformation. 

In this episode, Preston shares the influence of stories in his own life and how they have shaped his journey. We take a look at the ways stories can increase engagement and build trust. And we talk about mentors and opportunities to build yourself as a professional and deepen your human experience. 

This conversation was a fun one! Tell us what you think by engaging with us on social media, and make sure you’re registered for the 2023 AFCPE Symposium!

Show Notes:

2:25 How Preston got to where he is now
6:10 How he uses storytelling with his clients
9:04 How to actually go about creating stories
9:48 Unpacking counter transfer
12:15 Increasing connection with the client without decentering them
14:45 Advice for AFCs and balancing empathy and vulnerability
17:41 The importance of practice
19:19 How to incorporate valuable lessons with students
22:14 Preston’s final 2 cents

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  • @drprestoncherry on all social media platforms
  • YouTube

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