Episode 61:

The Founding of AFCPE® and Looking to the Future with Bill Gustafson

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In this week’s episode of Real Money, Real Experts, our hosts speak with Bill Gustafson, who is a professor emeritus in the Personal Financial Planning Department at Texas Tech University. He has been educating students and conducting research related to personal finance for over 36 years and helped to create what we now know as the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education.

Bill takes us back to the very first meeting where AFCPE®  was named and dives into the importance of recognizing the human side of finance vs. the business side, and how to best bridge the two in your work. In this episode, we are reminded of the importance of telling the stories about the people that make a difference along the way, and documenting it for future generations to come. Tune in for an inspiring episode into Bill’s broad perspective of the finance profession as a whole.

Throughout his career he has been honored with Texas Tech’s President’s Excellence in Teaching Award; the College of Human Sciences Helen Burleson Service Award; and the Department of Personal Financial Planning Visionary Award

Show notes:
2:01 Bill’s start in the field
3:42 How he got connected to the financial counseling world
5:02 Bill and Dr. Jerry Mason
8:52 College of Human Sciences and its importance in finance
13:23 Diving into the archives project
15:45 Bill’s final 2 cents

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