Episode 51: Discovering Your Niche and Growing Your Private Practice with Maggie Klokkenga and Rachael Bronstein, AFC®


In this final episode of our Real Money, Real Experts Career Series, we catch up with Rachael Bronstein and Maggie Klokkenga. Tune in as they share their own experiences in starting a private practice and how honing in on your niche can lead to a more successful, fulfilling career.

Maggie Klokkenga, CFP®, CPA, and AFC® candidate is a financial coach and the owner of Make a Money Mindshift, a financial coaching and planning firm in central Illinois where she helps individuals and couples to reduce their overwhelm and shame with money. Rachael Bronstein is an Accredited Financial Counselor & financial coach for Jean Chatzky’s FinanceFixx program. Rachael also launched a company last May to help touring music professionals simplify their life & finances, called Life’s Jam.

Show Notes:
3:24 Rachael’s journey to personal finance
11:33 FinanceFixx Program
14:11 Maggie and multiple streams of income
16:24 Rachael’s tips for small business owners
18:26 Tools Rachael found helpful early on
21:18 Maggie’s tips for small business owners
24:29 What led Maggie to pursue the AFC
28:15 Guests’ final 2 cents

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