I am a part of the CFPB Financial Coaching Initiative. Three years ago, I did not know what an AFC® or FFC® was. I helped people at a banking center and sold them products. Today, I provide an important service to individuals to help change their financial aspect and behavior. By helping individuals change their financial behavior, I’m providing lifelong lessons vs. a quick fix. I take deep pride in having the AFC and FFC certifications. Providing a service to see behavioral change and individual happiness is my success.

~ John Smith, AFC®, FFC®

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About the CFPB Financial Coaching Initiative

The program trained sixty (60) professionals to become AFC® and FFC® professionals, with ongoing professional development support. Financial Coaches were placed in sites across the country to focus on serving veterans and economically vulnerable communities. Because of the focus on high standards and consistency in professional training and delivery, the program data has shown tremendous results with 84% of active clients saw improvements in their financial situation, including enhanced money management, increased savings, lowered debt levels, and improved credit scores; and 93% of clients have either established, made progress on, or completed their goals.

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