Episode 58:

Exploring the Differences Between Financial Therapy, Counseling, and Planning with Dr. Kristy Archuleta and Dr. Sonya Lutter


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Financial planning, financial counseling, and financial therapy are separate but complimentary financial services designed to support clients’ financial goals and well-being. But how do you know which service you, or your client, needs at any given moment? In this episode, we’re joined by two leaders in the financial therapy space, Kristy Archuleta & Sonya Lutter.

Kristy and Sonya share their research, knowledge, and experience across financial services to help our listeners answer this question and more. We talk about creating boundaries, knowing limitations, and, most importantly, building a strong referral network in order to best serve our clients.

Show Notes:
1:48 Planning vs. counseling vs. therapy
6:34 Do you need to be certified to practice Financial Therapy?
12:41 All about dual designations
15:15 Building a strong referral network
18:31 Into their research and major findings
22:21 Where to find their research
26:09 Final 2 cents

Show Note Links:

Financial Therapy Association 

Become a Financial Therapist or Find a Financial Therapist

Video from Meghan Lurtz on updates for certification in financial therapy

Conference & connection with the Financial Therapy Association

Google Scholar: (Search Dr. Kristy Archuleta or Dr. Sonya Britt Lutter)

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