Episode 67:

Start Where You Are with Jean Chatzky of @HerMoneyMedia

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We’re kicking off 2023 with award-winning journalist and the founder and CEO of HerMoney Media, Jean Chatzky!

In this episode, Jean shares her journey into journalism and personal finance and discusses the importance of building camaraderie and accountability when talking about money. We learn more about her coaching programs FinanceFixx and InvestingFixx and why she values the AFC. Jean leaves us with great advice that is applicable to personal finance but also for any goals you may be setting in the new year!

Show Notes:
1:38 How Jean got started
8:12 Jean’s PBS show: Opportunity Knocks
8:59 Why she recommends the AFC
11:15  FinanceFixx and InvestingFixx
15:14 Suggestions for women getting started with organizing their finances
19:01 Jean’s final 2 cents

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One response to “Real Money, Real Experts: Jean Chatzky, HerMoney”

  1. What a great advocate in the financial world. I’m excited to see the Opportunity Knocks shows and learn more of Jean’s positive impact.

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