Erin Kidd, AFC® is an Enrolled Agent who specializes in individual taxation and focuses on simplifying complex tax issues and educating clients. “I love to help them plan for the future and anticipate the implications of their next financial move!”

AFCPE: You were part of the very first class of FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellows in 2006. What led you to apply for the fellowship? 

Erin: I was looking for something more in my career. I always had an interest in personal finance and wanted to add a credential that would help me steer my own career path.

AFCPE: What did you find most beneficial about being a part of the fellowship program? 

Erin: As difficult as it was to complete, the volunteer hours led me to taxes. For most people that might sound like torture, but for me, it was a great fit! I liked the rules, the complexity, the structure, and the opportunity to help people understand something that is not always the most straightforward situation.

AFCPE: What do you find most rewarding about being an Enrolled Agent? 

Erin: When I have the opportunity to help someone plan and prepare for the tax implications of their next few years.

Years with big transitions – such as marriage, retirement, moving, new children, even death and divorce – all have varying impacts on, not just day to day life, but that deadline that shows up every April like clockwork.

AFCPE: What’s next for you? What’s got you excited? 

Erin: I am always looking for ways to connect and give back to the military spouse community. I am working on a few ways to share my nontraditional career path and encourage others to embrace and own their professional lives.

Also, my husband and I just bought the land for our retirement home, so we are dreaming, planning, and preparing for our Act II.

AFCPE: Outside of your career, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Erin: My family loves to do escape rooms! I also write and publish on LinkedIn, in tax and accounting industry blogs and publications, and am trying to get more comfortable participating in videos.  When I am not doing those things, you can find me either reading, cooking, or napping!

Erin answers the Friday 5:

  1. My Why: I believe economic success begins at the dinner table.  Families have real freedom to make progress and change when everyone is comfortable talking about money, taxes, salaries, budgets, and all those other things we have been taught are not discussed in polite company.

  2. My Favorite Quote:  “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” ~Charles Addams – often attributed to Morticia Addams from the Addams Family

  3. My Hero: This is tough. I think I will go with Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  She never lost sight of her goals. When things didn’t work out the way she wanted, she changed the plan, not her goals.

  4. My Favorite Personal Finance Resource: I have to go back the book that really got me excited about debt payoff, “Debt-Proof Living” by Mary Hunt.

  5. My Best Advice:
    • For someone starting the journey to financial well-being:
      Give yourself time to get where you are going and don’t forget to budget for fun.

    • For a new professional entering the field:
      Remember that personal finance is PERSONAL.  What you think is important or a priority may not be the same things that are important to your client. Listen and try to keep judgment at bay.

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