Kristy Tubbs is a woman on a mission. She is and the president of Piece of Heart Financial Counseling & Life Coaching, where she teaches people how to heal the heart from the pain of financial woes. In this interview, she shares about her journey from military spouse to financial coach of money and the heart.

AFCPE: What inspired you to enter this field? How did you find out about AFCPE?   

Kristy: I graduated from college and became a school teacher. During this time, I become passionate about the communication techniques I was able to teach couples as they came for parent/teacher conferences. This inspired me to go back to school to become a marriage counselor. It was during those years as a marriage counselor that I developed my communication techniques about money and marriage. Being a firm believer of “Stay in your lane”, I felt that I needed more education and training to provide excellence for my clients.  While doing a marriage workshop for a military organization, a member of the Family Services group told me about the FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship. I applied and was awarded the scholarship to earn my AFC®designation in 2009.  In 2010, I completed my coursework and was awarded my AFC designation.  As a military spouse, the focus of my business has always been to help military spouses find portable careers that allow them to support their family with freedom to move AND bring in an income. The AFC designation does just that!

AFCPE: You’ve since gone on to earn the FFC® certification as well. What impact have the AFC and FFC certifications made towards your work as a Marriage Counselor and Life Coach?   

Kristy: Having already worked in financial coaching and marriage counseling prior to earning the AFC & FFC certifications, I approached my further education a bit differently than most.  I came to the courses seeking mentoring to enhance my successful qualities and find focus and tools to change my weaker areas. The program provided exactly what I was seeking and gave me the confidence to expand my business. 

AFCPE: You started your own business, Piece of Heart Financial Counseling. Tell us a little more about your organization.

Kristy: Piece of Heart Financial Counseling & Life Coaching exists to help people heal their heart from the pain that money, or the lack of money, has caused. We started the company because as a military spouse, I found myself re-starting a new career with every move. As a marriage counselor, I created a business model that allows us to serve people in any state or country.

As I became successful, I wanted to share my knowledge with other military spouses, so, we created a mentor program to help military spouses jump start their own businesses.

AFCPE: What advice you give to someone who wants to start a private practice?   

When starting your business, know your destination. I knew I wanted to hold workshops around the world to teach financial and marriage communication and with the help of God and some amazing team members, I created the world I desired. 

Also, KNOW YOUR WORTH! So many people told me to start small and bid low because people needing financial wisdom would not pay. I never do anything small! I was already charging fees of $500 an hour for my services, so I saw no reason why adding a designation should not allow for that continued fee. If you can validate your fee, then charge it and do not look back! When people see the outcome of your influence in their lives, they will find a way to pay. 

To serve those who cannot afford to pay? Set up volunteer hours with local nonprofit organizations, allowing your clients to work with these organizations on behalf of your company name and in lieu of paying hourly fees to you!  That way you grow your impact and name in the community while changing the lives of all around! 

AFCPE: That’s a creative way to market and give back! Tell us, what’s next? What’s got you most excited?   

Kristy: I am very excited that we have several new contracts coming in and will hopefully be hiring even more people soon. I continue to bring financial wisdom to our military members and families through various government venues and the Yellow Ribbon program. Our television show will be coming out soon and my new book is due out in late September! We just completed booking the final 4 venues of the year for our “Build Your Dreams”, workshops. This one-day workshop teaches future business owners how to recognize their strengths, focus their vision, and develop their dream into the reality of a successful grand opening.

Kristy answers the Friday 5

1.     My Why:  I believe everyone needs someone who believes in them. When people are struggling and cannot see a way to the other side, hope is a POWERFUL gift to provide. Therefore, I live my life looking to provide hope in the midst of pain, to teach peace in the midst of turmoil, and I do it by believing in the potential of every person I meet.   

2.     My Favorite Quote: From the Bible, Luke 6:38, “Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” It keeps me happy to give and to see the joy of a changed life!

3.     My Hero: Gloria Gonzalves, my mother is my hero! She was the driving force behind all of the businesses my family created. As a young woman I was taught to love big, give big, and chase after your dreams. Because of her unending support and mentoring, I had no doubt I would one day be a business owner in my own right and would continue her legacy of loving big, serving big and leaving a legacy for those who come behind me. I would not be here today if it were not for my mom–my friend, my business partner, and my mentor for life!

4.     My Favorite Personal Finance Resource: I could not have built a better website! We use it in every presentation to teach people how to safely create pay off plans!

5.     My best advice:  

a.     For someone starting the journey to financial well-being:  Your life is about more than the sum of your past mistakes! So, START your financial journey today! Stand up. Take 1 step every day. Access your credit score. Repair your credit. Try and try again. Because, small daily successes will create large annual rewards! 

b.     For a new professional entering this field:  This will be one of the most rewarding and the most grieving careers of your life. Often times, it all happens in the same day! But, when you give of yourself to bring financial wisdom to others, something magical occurs. When you think you are changing someone’s life, you find out they are actually changing yours! If there is any way I can support you, please let me know at

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July 27, 2018

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