Earlier this month, we added a new staff member to the AFCPE team, Summer Red, AFC®. Since earning her AFC®designation in 2015, Summer has been an active member of the AFCPE community. She has taught several sessions of the AFC® Webinar Review Course to AFC candidates and served as a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Task force. Please join us in officially welcoming Summer Red to the AFCPE Team!

About Summer:

Summer Red has been teaching about finances for over seven years, to a wide range of audiences and income levels.  Prior to her current position as Professional Development Manager at AFCPE, she worked at Rural Dynamics, Inc., where she provided financial education workshops throughout Montana and other states, including professional development workshops for Native American and nonprofit counselors seeking certification.  In her new role at AFCPE, she will support AFCPE certified professionals through continuing education opportunities as well as manage the development of AFCPE’s new line of subject-specific Essentials classes.  Summer is passionate about providing high quality, audience-specific, deeply compelling educational opportunities that will help inspire others to improve their financial wellness.

Summer answers the Friday 5

1.    My Why: Financial education is a subject that applies to everyone and where you can have a huge impact in a small amount of time.  Plus, it’s fascinating and fun!  

2.    My Favorite Quote: Develop a passion for learning.  If you do, you will never cease to grow.  — Anthony J. D’Angelo

3.    My Hero: Jonah McDonald, the founder of Peacebuilders Camp and a very good friend of mine who has enriched my life with his passion for helping others

4.    My Favorite Personal Finance Resource: Excel.  My budget is highly personalized to my own needs and Excel allows me to create exactly what I want, exactly the way I want it.

5.    My Best Advice:

a.    For someone starting the journey to financial well-being: Savings is the bedrock of financial wellness.  Liquid assets (i.e., savings) provide security, freedom, and flexibility that support all other areas of financial growth and improvement.  While it can be tempting to focus exclusively on other financial priorities (paying off debt, buying a car), it is vital to build and maintain a strong savings component throughout your financial journey.

b.    For a new professional entering the field: Identify your passion and drive your career in that direction.  There is a huge demand for your services and if you don’t find your niche, it is easy to burn out.

Summer can be contacted here by:

Email: sred@afcpe.org

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/summer-red-b6ba7a85/

November 23, 2018

Summer Red, Professional Development Manager, AFC®

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