“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day-in and day out”

Today marks the beginning of America Saves Week 2016. Since 2007, this week has provided an opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status. This week, we invite you to accept the challenge. Assess your values, your needs and your goals and commit to saving for a financially stable future.

Research shows that commitment to a goal is reliant upon setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and track-able goals. In addition, having a specific savings plan contributes to financial progress and may lead to better preparation for an anticipated achievement.1

Long-time AFCPE® member, Dr. Barbara O’Neill, CFP®, AFC®, CHC®, is passionate about her work and committed to enhancing the financial wellbeing of individuals and families. Along with colleagues at the University of Florida, she has developed several savings challenges to get you on the path to savings success.

In 2015, Barbara O’Neill completed the 52 Week Money Challenge to save $1,378. This year, she has started doing the $2,500 50 Week Money ChallengeOftentimes yearly challenges make people feel like they need to start on January 1, but the best time to start a new goal – TODAY.

Join the 15-Week America Saves Challenge

Starting this week, you can challenge yourself to save money for a short-term goal. There are two options – the Basic Challenge and the Hard Core Challenge.

The Basic Challenge consists of 5 weeks of $10 savings, 5 weeks of $20 savings and 5 weeks of $30 savings for a total accumulation of $300.

The Hard Core Challenge starts with a $10 weekly deposit and ramps up the savings deposit by $5 per week for a final deposit of $80, resulting in a total accumulation of $675.

You can register online, track your progress and be eligible for prizes!

While each person’s goals and values are unique, one constant remains – building savings is critical and a need for all.

Have you participated in a savings challenge? Do you have a savings success story? 


  1. O’Neill, B., Xiao, J. J., Bristow, B., Brennan, P., & Kerbel, C. M. (2000). Successful financial goal attainment: Perceived resources and obstacles. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, 11(1)

February 22, 2016

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