My Work: Providing personal financial guidance to individuals and couples

My Roots: I am the 3rd generation of my mother’s family to be born and raised in San Francisco, California. 

My Passion: Helping people understand that their past doesn’t need to represent their future

My Hero: Bernie Sanders

My Favorite Quote: “I have been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do” ~Georgia O’Keeffe

My Favorite Personal Finance Tool/Resource: (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

My Advice To Someone Considering Becoming a Financial Counselor/Coach: Before you undertake the training to become a financial counselor or coach, be sure you are comfortable working with individuals from all backgrounds and income levels. The last thing a financial counseling or coaching client needs is to be judged. Also, know that your training as a financial counselor or coach doesn’t end once you receive your certification. You will need to commit to regular lifelong training to keep up your knowledge and skills.

My Way of “Meeting People Where They Are”: I often ask people how much financial literacy education they received as a child (either through school or family). Nine times out of ten they will tell me they didn’t get any financial education. I then remind them that they can’t possibly be expected to know what they never learned to begin with.

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Dawn Torres-Gale, AFC®, AFCPE® Member

Owner/Member, Our Money Goals, LLC

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  1. Hi Dawn, Julia Anderson here with Smart Money. Hoping to connect with you to do an interview on my public cable television show serving the Portland metro area. Tried email through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Portland, but it bounced back. Please email me at Julia Anderson, Thanks.

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