Episode 44: Bridging Gaps with Financial Literacy & Youth Initiative Founder Marcy Reyes, AFC®

Kicking off the first episode in our new Career Series, “Real Money, Real Experts” co-hosts Dr. Mary Bell Carlson and Rachael DeLeon speak with Marcy Reyes, AFC® about her career in the nonprofit space.

Marcy is the Founder and CEO of The Financial Literacy Youth (or FLY) Initiative, a non-profit organization that provides culturally responsive financial literacy programming to underserved and underrepresented students; empowering youth with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to end generational poverty. Marcy has made her mark in the field by identifying gaps and working to close them – not to mention she is also the first Latina in her state to be an AFC®.

Listen in as she takes us through her journey of starting a nonprofit while sharing her inspiring advice for everyone interested in working in the nonprofit space. Her enthusiasm and passion for this work are contagious, no matter what area of the field you are in!

If you’re doing interesting work in the field and would like to share your stories and expertise, apply to be a guest on Real Money, Real Experts! Fill out the podcast guest application and an AFCPE staff member will contact you if you are selected.

Show Notes:

00:42 Marcy’s Introduction
01:39 Marcy’s Intro to the Field of Finance
03:45 Marcy’s Journey to the Nonprofit Space
06:33 Manifesting the FLY Initiative
07:49 The Impact of the AFC® in Her Work
11:21 Marcy’s Advice for Breaking into the Nonprofit Space
14:42 The Best Part of Marcy’s Job Is…
16:23 What She Would’ve Loved to Know Before Entering the Field
18:49 Potential Expansion of the FLY Initiative
20:30 Marcy’s Final 2 Cents

Show Note Links:
Connect with Marcy on LinkedIn
Visit the FLY Initiative Website
Join AFCPE’s Membership community

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