Episode 72:

How a Fellowship Built Career and Community with Dr. Cherie Stueve, CFP®, AFC®, FFC®, FBS®

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“If you want to belong, there is a place for you.”

Our guest this week is Dr. Cherie Stueve, an AFC, a military spouse, and a self-described consummate learner. Cherie shares her journey from farm life to spouse life, the money lessons she learned along the way, and why she is such a strong advocate for the AFC designation.

We learn about her journey to the FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship, and how it served as not only the foundation for her career but how it led to life-long friendships and community.

Show Notes:
3:26 Cherie’s early lessons in money
7:53 How she discovered the military spouse fellowship for the AFC
12:21 Being a continual learner
14:09 Advice for AFCs or those considering
19:06 Advice for newcomers to the personal finance space
25:46 Cherie’s final 2 cents

Show Note Links:

Apply to be a FINRA Military Spouse Fellow

How to Find Work You Love and Make a Difference

Connect with Cherie on Linkedin

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