Bronze Sponsor Spotlight: Private College 529 PlanWelcome to the 2022 Sponsor Spotlight series! As we prepare for #AFCPE2022, November 16-18, 2022, we are excited to introduce you to a few of our incredible Sponsors! Learn more about the organizations in the Exhibit Hall next week.

  1. Who are you?

Private College 529 plan is a prepaid 529 plan.  Our savings plan allows families to lock in current tuition rates, to save on future tuition, at nearly 300 private colleges and universities nationwide – all in one plan.

Plus, their prepaid tuition is guaranteed by our participating schools for up to 30 years Private College 529 Plan.

We are the prepaid tuition plan owned by the colleges in the plan, located nationwide, offering the same tax benefits as traditional 529 plans.


  1. What are you looking forward to as an organization?

Last year was a big one for our organization.  For our entire history (almost 20 years), our product and brand were one in the same.

To expand our reach, broaden our appeal and educate all consumers on college planning and saving, we launched a new parent brand called CollegeWell.

CollegeWell is a single source for families to learn what they need to feel confident about their college saving journey with experts guiding the way.  We think of CollegeWell as the education and Private College 529 Plan as the solution.

  1. Why is financial capability important to your organization?

For many families, having their child obtain a college education is a top priority. However, we know that too many families do not start saving early enough, don’t recognize the short time horizon associated with saving for college or feel overwhelmed with the potential cost and struggle to save anything.
Financial capability is critical to our organization because we want families to possess not only the knowledge, but also have the skills and confidence to start saving for college, start saving early and, ideally, make it a priority within their family. We also want them to know that any amount saved can help reduce future expenses (e.g., student loans) and that for most families, they don’t save the full amount.

  1. This year we are celebrating #30YearsofAFC. How has the AFC® certification impacted your organization?

The AFC certification is very important for our organization.

Whether working with financial advisors, our member colleges or directly with families, having the AFC certification provides credibility to those in our organization and ensures we stay informed on topics related to financial capability.   Moreover, the continuing knowledge through AFCPE keeps us up to date on the latest data, trends, and relevant information.

  1. How can financial professionals can get involved with you?

Two ways to get involved with us.

  • First. If you are working with families and discussing college savings, and private college is a consideration, I would encourage you to share our plan.
  • Second, as part of our new CollegeWell brand, we welcome experts to share knowledge and information with our consumers. If counselors are interested in serving as a guest expert on a blog, video, or other content collaboration, please let me know!

Stop by and visit Private College 529 Plan at their exhibit booth at #AFCPE2022!

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