Meet Your Newly Elected 2023 AFCPE Board Members and Certification Council Leaders

Thank you for participating in our internal elections for the 2023 Board of Directors and Certification Council. The results have been finalized and will be ratified by the AFCPE Board of Directors during the November meeting.

Meet your recently elected leaders:

New 2023 Board Members: Financial Industry

Andia Dinesen, AFC®

Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA)

Sasha Grabenstetter, AFC®

eMoney Advisor


New 2023 Board Members: Service


Jacquie Carroll, AFC®
AccessLex Institute, Center for Education and Financial Capability

Ann Lentell, AFC®
Compass Working Capital


New 2023 Board Members: Accessibility


Michael Roush, AFC®
National Disability Institute (NDI)


Newly Elected Certification Council Members


Sara Croymans, AFC®
University of Minnesota Extension


Blain Pearson, PhD, CFP® , AFC®
Coastal Carolina University


Thank you again for participating in AFCPE’s annual election. Please extend a warm welcome to our newly elected leaders!

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