Military Essentials is a professional development resource library, developed in partnership with FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

The free tools and resources found in this library were designed for financial professionals working with military service members, veterans and their families on their journey to financial well-being.

Military Essentials Presentation

Investing Essentials

Designed to support your financial counseling and education needs, the Investing Essentials presentations cover goal setting, savings, stocks, mutual funds, annuities, insurance, real estate, hard assets & collectibles, frauds and scams and planning for your future.

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Military Essentials Presentation

Housing Essentials

Designed to support your financial counseling and education needs, the Housing Essentials presentations cover all aspects of buying and selling a home, ensuring that your client understands financing options, mortgage math and taxes to help them leverage their potential.

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Military Essentials Presentation

Money & Relationship Essentials

Designed to support your financial counseling and education needs, the Money & Relationship Essentials presentations address all aspects of military money. Looking at how finances affect military relationships, you'll help clients navigate conflict or change - from marriage to divorce.

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Military Essentials Worksheets

Military Essential Worksheets

A library of worksheets and resources to support your clients going through the financial counseling process:

  • Debt Repayment
  • Cash Flow
  • Weekly/Monthly/Payday
  • Tracking
  • Net Worth Calculation
  • Financial Goals
  • Deployment Checklist
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About FINRA Foundation

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation provides investors with high-quality, easily accessible information and tools to better understand the markets and the basic principles of saving and investing. In 2006, the Foundation launched a multifaceted program to expand the saving and investing knowledge of military service members and their spouses, including a free, unbiased resource, A proud collaborator in the Department of Defense Financial Readiness Campaign, the Foundation also presents financial education forums at military installations worldwide.

FINRA Foundation offers additional resources for Military Financial Educators here.

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