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The Impact of the New Laws on 21 yr olds


January 21, 2011

1. Have you seen ways in which credit card companies are still marketing to consumers under the age of 21? 2. Is new law that says you have to be 21 years old with the exception of income or...

Foreclosure Survival Guide


November 01, 2010

Some of you who work with clients facing foreclosure may already be familiar with The Foreclosure Survival Guide by Stephen Elias, published by Nolo. For those who have found it to be a useful...

Money Management Techniques for Kids


October 28, 2010

What effective techniques can you share for teaching kids good money management habits and any research conducted in that area? William H. Dwight

Potential of Social Networking


September 27, 2010

Thought I would share a great article in the latest edition of Psychotherapy Networker that explores the potential of social networks. I found it to be an inspiring piece and it got me to wondering...

Guidelines for Participating in Employer Contribution Savings Programs


May 13, 2010

What guidelines are accepted for how to save/invest in company-contribution savings programs such as 401Ks when the person changes jobs every 2-5 years? Are strategies different than when you...

Employer Contribution Savings

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