My journey to financial counseling started in the crazy world of sub-prime finance. We provided personal and auto loan to individuals with rough credit history. There is a place for sub-prime finance when conducted ethically and honestly. Unfortunately, for most clients we were helping them keep their neck above water. I wanted to do more than that. I wanted to help people feel like they were walking on water. I switched careers to Credit Union banking and began studying and researching the fields of financial counseling and advising.

I eventually settled on Financial Counseling over advising because I want to help people who are struggling financially. As I studied, passed the AFCPE exams, and conducted sessions, my passion took shape even more substantially. My why is more than financial. My passion is helping people find a vision for their life and money first. That is why my counseling technique and business is called Vision Centered Finance. I help people find their vision and utilize their money to make their unique vision happen.

What problem makes you cry? What problem makes you every bone and muscle in your body ache? I want to help people become content in their life and in their decisions while helping them find what fills them with discontent. This discontentment is far deeper than selfish goals. It is about helping people find their way to help the world.

Kyle Grevengoed, AFC®

April 13, 2017

#MyWhy Series

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