It is not news that the most important predictor in a successful therapeutic/ counseling relationship is that of the skills of the counselor, not the condition or presenting issues of the client. Behavioral science is a gold mine of information regarding strategies that the professional has total and exclusive control... Read More >


The 2016 AFCPE Annual Symposium kicked off with an audible gasp. Justin Draeger, President of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, delivered the Welcome Session and dropped a bombshell: those most likely to default on student loan debt owe $5,000 or less. For an auditorium full of Accredited... Read More >

Andi Wrenn

Drs. Kristy Archuleta, Lance Palmer and Joseph Goetz from the Financial Therapy Association provided examples of behavioral health techniques applicable to both mental health and financial counseling and illustrated a collaboration model when both types of expertise might be needed. The facilitators began with an illustration showing that both behavioral and... Read More >

Meghan Gardner

The Armed Forces Services Corporation (AFSC) Financial Coaches Pre-symposium encompassed a holistic overview inclusive of everything from presentations on time management and organization in case management to presentations on working with vulnerable and homeless populations. Experts from many different organizations were invited to increase the level of knowledge with the... Read More >

Andi Wrenn

The Department of Defense Pre-symposium has not been part of the AFCPE Symposium for six years, so many were happy to see it come back. There were many financial professionals who work with Service members in attendance from Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The energy was... Read More >


If you missed the 2016 AFCPE Research and Training Symposium, you missed what many have heralded as, “the best AFCPE conference ever!” A sell-out crowd of 700 financial counselors from around the world attended the 2016 event. The conference week was packed with events from AFC® review training to a community... Read More >

Michael Byrne

For a financial counselor, working with a client’s federal student loan debt may seem daunting since student loans are rather unique and technical compared to other types of loan products. However, with a basic understanding of a few terms, regulations and resources, student loan issues can be easy to fix... Read More >

Michelle Budzien

NerdWallet is a website that consolidates the best deals on financial products, such as credit cards, insurance, mortgage rates, and more. It is a useful website to help consumers save time and money by providing information to help make educated financial decisions. The NerdWallet disclaimer states that their “financial service tools,... Read More >

Brenda Vaughn

#IamAFCPE, a campaign that began in the fall of 2016, allowed AFCPE® members and certified professionals the opportunity to showcase, through a one-minute video, the diverse impact that we are making in the lives of clients and students. I encourage you to view these videos on our YouTube channel and to continue sharing the impact you are... Read More >

Rebecca Wiggins

Happy New Year from the AFCPE® National Office! 2017 promises to be another exciting year as we implement a new strategic plan, and leverage the growth and accomplishments of 2016. The 2016 Annual Research and Training Symposium was a historic success with sold out attendance. We were thrilled to host the... Read More >

Rebecca Wiggins

With autumn upon us, the countdown has begun for the 2016 AFCPE® Annual Research and Training Symposium! We hope you plan to join us in Louisville, Kentucky on November 16-18 for a jam-packed three days and excellent program. Naturally, our program theme coordinates with horse country: “Racing for the Triple Crown:... Read More >

Corinne McKenna

Written by Harold Pollack and Helaine Olen In 2013, University of Chicago Professor Harold Pollack hosted a casual online video chat with author Helaine Olen. In the video, Pollack and Olen dig into some of the points Olen made in her book, Pound Foolish. They agreed that most people are given bad... Read More >