Jacqueline A.F.I. Carroll, Ed.D., AFC®

This year it seems that many of the events in the last decade have generated, not only a national discussion, but also more community discussions about the importance and impact of financial literacy, personal finance, and financial responsibility. Many times these terms are used interchangeably, and that tends to make... Read More >

Rebecca Wiggins

In January 2013, AFCPE® engaged in intensive, strategic planning discussions among the staff, Board of Directors and thought-leaders in the field. Through this collaborative process, a shared vision for the future of the financial counseling field emerged: To have a nationally recognized designation through the establishment of educational and ethical standards;... Read More >

Jennifer Lear, AFC®, Andi Wrenn

Frequent topics that arise in discussions with clients about retirement planning are where to invest and in what to invest. This article will discuss the versatile Roth IRA, which can be used by traditional and nontraditional savers. It only has been around since 1997, so some clients may not be... Read More >

Joseph W. Jordan, Barbara O’Neill, AFC®, Ph.D., CFP®

The author, Joseph W. Jordan, is a seasoned insurance industry professional who oversees Met Life’s Behavioral Finance Strategies unit. The book’s major theme is that financial practitioners (with an emphasis on those selling insurance) make many positive impacts on the lives of their clients. Multiple generations of families are often... Read More >

Amy G. Piedmont, J.D.

You have advised your clients on steps to take to reach their financial goals, but have you given them the tools to ensure that their wishes will be protected should they become incapacitated or in the event of their death? Estate planning is more than just having a will or... Read More >

Dennis Gravitt

John and Mary Smith, aged 52 and 51 respectively, have a nice home, good jobs, and they liek to vacation in an exotic location at least once a year. Their combined after-tax incomes are well over $8,300 per month, or about $100k per year. With their household income, the Smiths appear to be doing... Read More >

Chris Waclawik

Roth IRAs have been a great way for individuals to save for retirement since they were created. With a Roth IRA, no tax benefit is received on the front end. However, once money is contributed to the account, the owner does not have to pay tax on any earnings. Additionally, once... Read More >

Carrie L. Johnson

Volunteers are needed to write future research briefs on a personal finance topic of their choice. The briefs should include a complete reference citation, a brief summary of the research study, and implications for practitioners. Interested in research around a particular topic? Please contact Erica Tobe, Ph.D. at tobee@msu. edu... Read More >

Jinhee Kim

During my first year of college, I wrote my plan for what I dreamed to accomplish in my life, by when, and how. It was a comprehensive plan with many details. As with most plans, it had flaws. For example, it did not include living in the United States or... Read More >

Michelle Budzien

Retirement can be an exciting time, however it can also be stressful. Even with proper financial planning, determining how much money is needed to last you until your final days is nearly impossible with so many unknowns. There are steps that clients can take to make the process easier, by... Read More >

Rebecca Wiggins

Greetings from the AFCPE National Office! We are off to the races this year after an exciting and productive 2015. In December, AFCPE earned the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) Accreditation. This achievement ensures that the AFC® program aligns with the best practices from an outside accrediting body and demonstrates... Read More >

Jill Ladouceur

Clinton Gudmunson, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the department of Human Development and Family Studies at Iowa State University, led the implementation and dissemination of a student-driven savings app, SaveIt! The app was developed during a weekend competition called Money Game Jam. Once selected, it went through further development by... Read More >