Susan Bross

When my brother was small, he would always start some explanation for a wrong-doing by saying, “There I was minding my own business when....” I smile whenever I hear someone using that phrase because it reminds me of the countless excuses I’d hear from him about some incident or another. It’s not... Read More >

Jill Anne Ladouceur

An anniversary can be a time of happy celebration, but it can also be a reminder of sorrowful events that stir all kinds of emotions, such as the loss of a loved one or a divorce. The latter can nudge to the surface memories, both happy and sad, regrets, and... Read More >

Barbara O’Neill

Research theories can help inform behavior change efforts. One commonly cited theory is the Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM), which states that people go through five stages of change ranging from being unaware of the need to make a change (precontemplation) to continuing to perform an action that was previously taken... Read More >

Al Bingham

Bankruptcy impacts a credit score more than any other singular event in a credit report. While the bankruptcy itself is a key factor adversely affecting credit scores, other sub-components also play roles in determining a credit score. An estimated 35 percent of a FICO® credit score is Payment History, which is... Read More >

Michael Gutter

Now that the school year has ended, summer is upon us, and vacations begin, it is a wonderful time to stop and reflect. I know we all have had a busy few months, and I hope you are taking a moment to appreciate all that has been accomplished. I can... Read More >

Ron Lundquist

As financial professionals, it is of course incumbent upon us to provide advice to clients that will improve their financial situation. That advice might be to pay more than the minimum monthly payment on credit cards, or to make sure that income tax exemptions properly reflect reality, so a client does not... Read More >

Rebecca Wiggins

Greetings from the AFCPE National Office! It is so hard to believe that Spring has sprung after another long and brutal winter. Luckily we have kept very busy with lots of wonderful initiatives that we are excited to share with you. The AFCPE staff, Board and Symposium Task Force are... Read More >

Jill Anne Ladouceur

AFCPE has partnered with Sage Financial Solutions, a nationally recognized provider of financial capability programming to provide a comprehensive professional development series for financial professionals. There are still two segments remaining of the 6-part webinar series which began in January. The series covers the principles, philosophies and concepts of financial... Read More >

Jill Anne Ladouceur

State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) has long been providing financial counseling and education to help members succeed— it’s a natural extension of the cooperative’s consumer-friendly products and services. SECU also believes that employee education keeps an organization prepared to advise members in an everchanging financial world. Reinforcing that belief, SECU... Read More >

Barbara O’Neill, Michael L. Walden and M.E. Whitman Walden

Financial Fiasco: A Dia Fenner Economic Thriller is not the first book to teach economic and personal finance principles through a story featuring fictional characters. The Wealthy Barber and The Richest Man in Babylon also come to mind. However, this 155-page novella is extremely well-written and held my interest from beginning... Read More >

Susan Bross

You get a phone call out of the blue. Someone you care about tells you that he or she is struggling. The story seems so desperate and painful. You want to help, so you end up sending money, whether they’ve actually asked for it or not. A week, a month,... Read More >

Jennifer Lear

Planning for what is unforeseeable is challenging, but planning for what can be foreseen, death and taxes, can save money and time for family members. Sound financial counseling includes encouraging clients to contemplate an estate plan to ease the burden on their family members after their death. Clients may not... Read More >