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Deena Katz

Authors: Ruth H. Lytton, John E. Grable, and Derek D. Klock Publisher: National Underwriter (2006) ISBN 0-87218-692-X Read More >

Marsha A. Goetting

Authors: Lois A. Vitt and Karen L. Murrell Publisher: FT Press Financial Times (2007) ISBN 0-13-100310-1 Read More >

Rebecca J. Travnichek

Authors/Editors: E. Thomas Garman and Alan J. Gappinger Publisher: Heartland Institute of Financial Education (2008) ISBN 978-0-9792115-0-8 Read More >

Ivan Beutler, Lucy Beutler, and J. Kelly McCoy

High school student aspirations about living well (N = 190) were compared to those of middle school respondents (N = 187). Building on the concepts of intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations, the middle school Variable Concept Indicator Model was expanded to reflect high school aspirations. Gender differences and developmental changes in... Read More >

Charles B. Hatcher

Using Ibbotson?s Historical Data on Securities prices, simulations were run to determine the optimal portfolio for an individual who simultaneously consumes and invests in order to finance current consumption. The simulations assumed that households consume according to the Life Cycle Income Hypothesis: each year, they consumed in proportion to their... Read More >

Sherman D. Hanna and Suzanne Lindamood

White households are more likely to hold stock investments than minority households. Stock ownership rates of minorities generally increased between 1992 and 2001, but between 2001 and 2004 the rate decreased significantly for each minority group studied but did not significantly change for White households. Multivariate analyses showed that the... Read More >

Jing Jian Xiao and Jiayun Wu

Psychological factors associated with consumer behavior in completing debt management plans (DMPs) in credit counseling were identified. Guided by the theory of planned behavior, the study used a unique data set combining the survey data along with plan completion status data from a sample of clients of a national credit... Read More >

Joan C. Koonce, Yoko Mimura, Teresa A. Mauldin, A. Michael Rupured, and Jenny Jordan

General linear model procedures were used to investigate the association between financial behavior and sources of financial information, the association between savings and investing knowledge and financial information sources, and the association between financial behavior and savings and investing knowledge. The study participants were 253 teenagers aged 14 to 19... Read More >

John E. Grable, Sonya L. Britt, and Farrell J. Webb

A conceptual model of personal financial risk-taking behavior is described. The approach incorporated environmental and biopsychosocial factors associated with risk-tolerance attitudes and risk-taking financial management behavior. Findings indicated, similar to the method used to describe socioeconomic status, generalized profiling can be a useful tool to help researchers and policy makers... Read More >