Michael S. Gutter and Angela Fontes

The current study establishes a two-stage investment decision-making model in order to examine the impact of race on investment behavior. Results show that although Blacks are less likely to own stocks than Whites, once ownership is accounted for, there is no difference in the portfolio allocation to risky assets. The... Read More >

Marlene S. Stum

Qualitative methods were used to examine how couples perceive and articulate their intentions and behaviors in regard to managing the risk of financing long term care. Two overall decision making styles for addressing the risk of long term care were identified: scrambling and advance planning. Scramblers may or may not... Read More >

Barabara O'Neill, Aimee D. Prawitz, Benoit Sorhaindo, Jinhee Kim, and E. Thomas Garman

The study explored the relationship between health and financial distress/financial well-being and differences in health based on (a) time spent in a debt management program (DMP) and (b) occurence of negative financial events. Spearman's rho indicated those with lower financial distress, higher financial well-being in 2005 reported better health (N=1,119,... Read More >

Vibha Bhargava and Jean Lown

The 1998 and 2001 Survey of Consumer Finances were used to compare the emergency fund adequacy of households. A low percentage of households met the 2-month, 3-month and 6-month income guidelines for the quick, intermediate, and comprehensive measures in both years. More than 50% of households did not meet any... Read More >

Jong-Youn Rha, Catherine P. Montalto, and Sherman D. Hanna

The Survey of Consumer Finances was used to assess the explanatory power of self-control mechanisms, controlling for other important constructs from the standard life cycle model of saving. The analysis focused on saving goals, foreseeable expenses, and saving rules as mechanisms of self-control. Household saving behavior was strongly affected by... Read More >

Angela C. Lyons, Yunhee Chang, and Erik M. Scherpf

The impact that financial education had on the financial behaviors of (a) the agency staff who were trained to deliver the program and (b) the low-income individuals who participated in the program was investigated. Specifically, the researchers examined the relationship between total number of financial education lessons completed, prior financial... Read More >


Volume 17 Issue 2 Journal Submission author information Read More >

Barbara O'Neill

Authors: Jane Bryant Quinn Publisher: Simon and Schuster (2006) ISBN #13:978-0-7432-6994-0 Read More >

John E. Grable

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Barbara O'Neill

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