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AFCPE Symposium: Regional Breakout Feedback Series

December 12, 2013

THANK YOU for attending the AFCPE Annual Research and Training Symposium as we celebrated our 30th Anniversary!  Your presence and participation helped make it a truly fantastic event!

Our organization, rooted in rich history and built upon decades of research, is in a unique position to continue on as an authority for a positive impact on this nation’s financial capability and education.

However, we cannot do it without you---your voice, support and participation!

We have compiled your feedback during this year's regional breakout sessions and will be sharing some of the results each week.  Please take some time to provide additional feedback so that we can continue to work together towards a fantastic future of growth and opportunity!

Rebecca Wiggins, Executive Director

AFCPE Symposium Regional Breakout Feedback

Thank you for referring your friends and colleagues to the AFCPE Symposium!  Your confidence in us is greatly appreciated.

We need your ideas:

How can we increase attendance at next year’s Symposium?


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