It is hard to believe that my time as Board President is coming to an end. Serving as your 2021 AFCPE President and on the Board of Directors has been a rewarding, incredible opportunity. We accomplished a great deal this year:

  • Our first ever virtual Career Week and Job Fair event.
  • New webinars and meet ups to support our Candidates, Certificants, and Members.
  • An updated strategic plan.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This year the AFCPE team also took an in-depth look at the organization and its membership. We did this through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Staff and Board participated in intensive training and small group discussions. We did this to ensure that AFCPE deepens its commitment to diversity of background, thought, and race and ethnicity. It was an incredible opportunity for all and will strengthen the organization as it moves into the future.  

2021 AFCPE Symposium

Next month is the 2021 AFCPE Symposium. We debated long and hard about the best format given the challenges and unknowns of the pandemic. It was a tough call! The team continued its commitment to evolving excellence. We also have a proven ability to create an incredible virtual experience (check out last year’s Symposium recordings!). Therefore, hosting one more virtual Symposium emerged as the clear choice. Still, building an amazing week of virtual offerings isn’t easy. Our AFCPE staff deserve a huge high five and cheer of congratulations for their dedication to making this year’s event another success!

Our theme again this year is “Experience AFCPE”. This is great because it’s easy to remember. This theme is also reflective of everything you’ll have the opportunity to do over the course of the next few days. While this year is yet again virtual, we’ve all learned that even in the digital world you can give that high-five, network with people around the world, and truly “Experience AFCPE.” You’ll have the opportunity to laugh alongside friends as you listen to a comedic financial speaker and even attend a magic show! You can also join us for AFCPE’s Got Talent and show off your skills or applaud the gifts of others. In addition to all of that, prepare yourself for a few days chock full of excellent speakers, hot-off-the-press research, and a multitude of content you can customize to create a Symposium experience that’s unique to you! If you haven’t registered to attend, there is still time to do so! We hope to see you there: 

Comings and Goings

This year we say goodbye to Board members Starlett Henderson and Ryan Law. We cannot thank them enough for their years of service to AFCPE. Working with you to shape the future of this great organization and mission has been a joy. We also say “congratulations” to Board members who step into new roles. This includes Andi Wrenn who will join you as your new AFCPE President for 2023.  Andi is active in the AFCPE community, passionate about this work, and strives to ensure AFCPE continues to Set the Standard.

As we look ahead, I am excited to pass the torch to Michele Godfrey. I will also continue my service to this great organization in the role of Past-President. As a military spouse who has moved 11 times in the last 16 years, the AFC® opened professional doors I thought were once closed. I encourage all of you to share your AFC story and to find ways to support this organization. Volunteer your time to join a Task Force, take on a project, engage on our community forum, take an Essentials course, or share the new Real Money, Real Experts podcast with others. As an AFCPE member, the opportunities are endless!

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