The Spring and Summer months are a time of year when many of us do a little Spring Cleaning. If you are a military spouse then you might be cleaning in preparation for another Permanent Change of Station move. We sometimes use this time to identify and donate old items. We might even re-organize our home to get that feeling of starting “fresh.”

As we accomplish these somewhat mundane tasks, it turns my attention to making way for new initiatives, goals, and ideas. My challenge for you is:

How can you do the same? Consider how making room for a little professional “Spring (or Summer) cleaning” can benefit your practice or organization. If you took a moment to streamline a process and assess your effectiveness, could you:

  • find space to dedicate new energy toward diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives? or 
  • learn more about how to serve underserved populations?

Taking time to prune professional processes and offerings often yields the opportunity to do more with what we have, or add something entirely new. Perhaps you can launch an offering that better meets the needs of women looking to return to the workforce, or another population in need of your support and expertise. I know I am looking forward to refining my team’s processes so we can bring more to underserved military families, and I think this new focus has the power to make a positive difference in the lives of many. How can you do the same?

A little “cleaning” just might make a difference in the lives of many.

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