Michele Godfrey, AFC®

Greetings, members, and friends of AFCPE®; Happy New Year! 2022 presents us with yet another opportunity to "Raise Our AFCPE Voice" in local communities and our country. I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and have recovered from our 2021 AFCPE Symposium. As always, it was great to connect with... Read More >

Rachael DeLeon

You’re in the right place. Just days before the AFCPE® offices closed for the holiday break, I took a phone call from an AFC®. She was calling to renew her membership and pay her certification fee.  Now this may sound fairly unremarkable, but for me this call was special. Just... Read More >

Andi Wrenn, AFC®

I was part of a session that a few of the AFCPE Board of Directors participated in about storytelling, “Better Than Fiction: True Stories of Our Money Missteps” with Colin Ryan. Each participant was asked to share a story about something that happened in our lives related to finances. Then... Read More >

Shana Beal

It’s no secret that many people in America are struggling. Inflation, inconsistent income, and the aftershocks of the pandemic continue to make financial prosperity an uphill battle for many people across the income spectrum, but particularly for those earning low incomes.  At SaverLife, we see these realities every day, and... Read More >

Edgar Villanueva

America was founded on the notions of capitalism, allegedly built on principles of equal opportunity. But the real history of American wealth is complicated and dark, and understanding that history is critical to understanding how we begin to address the race wealth gap.    It’s critical for everyone  to understand and... Read More >

Stacy Livingstone-Hoyt, AFC, FFC

Overview The Healthy Love and Money Way: How the Four Attachment Styles Impact Your Financial Well-Being written by Ed Coambs, MBA, MA, MS, CFP®, CFT-I™, LMFT, offers readers deep insights, specific strategies, and hope to thrive in intimate relationships by unearthing and expounding the concepts and realities found within attachment... Read More >

Catalina Laschon, AFC®

The topics and discussions at the AFCPE® Symposium encourage financial professionals to serve diverse populations at scale with empathy. In fact, many of us attend the Symposium year after year to enrich our understanding, expand our diversity mindset and gain exposure to real life examples.  How is the session on... Read More >

Abby Hubbard

In today’s housing market, the search for your forever-home or apartment just got a lot more complicated and expensive. In some regions, homes are going for astronomical prices, way above their market value. Sweet and thoughtful letters of intent will not cut it in today’s real estate landscape. The good... Read More >

Yolanda Lavery, AFC® Candidate

Financial coaches and counselors often ask ourselves what diversity, equity and inclusion or DEI means to us, whether in our practices or daily life, and some challenges faced in implementing DEI.  Further, we wonder what it means to be an ally and whether it is enough to have compassion and... Read More >