You’re in the right place.

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Just days before the AFCPE® offices closed for the holiday break, I took a phone call from an AFC®. She was calling to renew her membership and pay her certification fee. 

Now this may sound fairly unremarkable, but for me this call was special. Just a month prior, the woman had made the decision to leave the financial counseling field. She was getting older and becoming frustrated with the lack of change she was seeing in her clients. 

But that day, she was filled with excitement. Just that week, she provided volunteer financial counseling sessions at her church, and while helping a client develop a budget, the client had told her that she had a gift for this work. The client felt hopeful.

The AFC felt hopeful. 

And I felt hopeful, too. 

The truth is, financial counseling and education is not one size fits all. It’s not prescriptive, and unfortunately, change rarely happens overnight. But each time you meet with a client, you have the opportunity to meet them where they are, to provide education, understanding, relief, and hope. The work you do MATTERS. 

As you kick off a new year of personal and professional goals, know that if you are passionate about helping people with their money to improve their lives, then you are in the right place. 

We have a dedicated, capable and growing team that is excited to support you. Whether you are ready to pursue your AFC certification; want to build capacity for your organization or specialize your knowledge with an AFCPE Essentials course; or you are looking for a strong community and top-notch continuing education through AFCPE Membership – we are here to listen, support, guide, and connect. 

In December and January, we welcomed five new staff members:

Take a minute to send them a note and say hello!

As we look ahead, we have so many exciting initiatives on the horizon. Learn more by reading our Annual Report, listening to this podcast episode, or watching the YouTube Live we did to kick off the new year. 

It’s never been a better time to be a part of the AFCPE Community. Reach out. Get involved. Spread the word. We’re glad you’re here.

Happy New Year from AFCPE! 

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