Barbara O'Neill

Author: Barbara Ehrenreich & Publisher: Owl Books Read More >

Kyung-Wook Cha and Robert O. Weagley

Using the 1992-93 Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study and 1997 follow-up, this study examined which factors influence the decision to borrow and the amount of borrowing for higher education. A double-hurdle model was applied to analyze both the decision to borrow and the borrowed amount equations. Current income and asset... Read More >

Joyce A. Cavanagh and Deanna L. Sharpe

This study used the 1998 Survey of Consumer Finances to examine the relationship between consumer debt levels and discretionary retirement savings in IRAs, Keoghs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, thrift savings and supplemental retirement annuities. Results of a two-stage analysis indicated that installment debt deterred participation in discretionary retirement savings. Among those who... Read More >

Piotr Zielonka

The paper describes how Polish financial analysts associate various kinds of measures with future stock prices. Forty financial analysts participated in a questionnaire with items including macroeconomic, political news and technical analysis signals derived from commentaries in Polish economic newspapers. The analysts were asked what market movement they would expect... Read More >

Ronald P. Volpe, Joseph E. Kotel and Haiyang Chen

This study surveyed 530 online investors to examine their investment literacy and the relationship between the literacy and online investor characteristics. Online investors answered about 50% of questions correctly. Investors 50 years of age or older were more knowledgeable than those who are younger. Women had lower levels of investment... Read More >

Shawn D. Howton, Shelly W. Howton and Gerard T. Olson

This article examines the role of the exchange listing on the initial and aftermarket performance of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). IPOs on the NASDAQ had larger initial and aftermarket returns when compared to IPOs on the NYSE. These results suggest that it may be important for individual investors purchasing IPOs... Read More >

Jeanne M. Hogarth and Marianne A. Hilgert

Using the 1995 and 1998 Survey of Consumer Finances, we provide a profile of households with high- rate home-secured loans and explore the extent to which these loans reflect risk-based pricing. We find that risk-related characteristics are determinants of having high-rate loans, but that race, marital status, age, education, region,... Read More >

Jessie X. Fan and John R. Burton

The purpose of this study was to identify an array of goods that college students believe indicate social status. Data from a survey of almost 400 students at the University of Utah were analyzed. Commodities considered status-conveying all have the feature of being either easily seen by others or easily... Read More >